Create a successful sales team and increase profitability! Learn how ’47 did it.
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Create a successful sales team and increase profitability! Learn how ’47 did it.

’47 is a premium global sports lifestyle brand producing a unique mix of the finest headwear and apparel while maintaining an unparalleled attention to detail. ’47 has seen years of consistent growth and impressive sales. To keep up with the demands of growing and meet the challenges that come along with it, ’47 needed to rethink their sales team structure and hiring strategy. Read our new ’47 case study and learn how the company leveraged PI's tools and trainings to improve their hiring methodology, implement an effective sales training program, and increase profitability.

Blog Round Up

While the rest of the HR tech world is talking about big data, and talent assessment providers are still trying to get their science just right, PI has propelled itself forward by focusing on tools primarily used in gaming and entertainment to get a leg-up on other human capital management providers. With this in mind, we are excited to share the news of our latest invention – the PI integration with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset!
Many organizations are turning to assessments in order to help them decode the complexities of workplace behaviors, maximize talent potential, and achieve their business goals and objectives. Once you’ve found the assessment that’s right for you, it will help you to make better talent decisions, develop stronger teams and help people succeed in their roles. And when used as a strategic management tool, it’s sure to help drive improved business performance.
If you haven’t heard of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology yet, chances are you will soon. Today more than ever, businesses are employing I/O psychologists to assist them in taking a scientific approach to assessing (and improving) human behavior in the workplace.
Continued economic growth has created a new level of competition for talent, and job seekers need to stand out more than ever to their prospective employers. But what if you have an unimpressive work and experience history with gaps in employment? Is there any hope for you to knock your next interview out of the park?
How do managers discover what management style will work best for their employees? Open communication, two-way feedback and an honest direct approach are key. And if you want to save time, add objectivity, like a behavioral assessment that will highlight exactly what you need to know! Managers would be off-base from the get-go if they applied the Golden Rule at work. How much more effective they can be if they "do unto others as they want to be treated."
Assessments are effective tools for understanding the people who make up your workforce. These data-driven tools can help you evaluate candidates, organize teams and develop employees, and give you unprecedented confidence and accuracy in the selection and development of the individuals you depend on to make your company successful. So how do you know what solution is right for your organization? Start by asking yourself – and your potential assessment provider – these ten questions.
Self-awareness is a mandatory trait for successful leaders. Yet, fostering self-awareness isn’t easy for many people. The best thing leaders can do to improve their effectiveness is to become more aware of what motivates them and their decision-making and work on increasing their self-awareness.
In the News

PI was featured in a Huffington Post Canada article! Drew Fortin, our VP of Marketing, had stats from a recent blog post quoted in the article “Predictive analytics: from past to present.” The article is written in French, so have fun with Google Translate if you don’t speak the language of love.

PI was featured in a article in which Greg Barnett, PhD, our VP of Research and Development, offered commentary in's article "8 tips to handle IT job search rejection."
PI will host workshops focused on human capital management best practices to CEOs, senior executives and business owners at exclusive Vistage international events, called Vistage Executive Summits, throughout 2016. The session provides attendees with an introduction to behavioral assessments in the workplace and proven methods for understanding the right behavioral fit for roles within their companies, ultimately making the right hiring decisions.
Trending Topics

While compensation is still a critical motivator for job candidates when making career decisions, the type of work they’ll be doing has now surpassed salary as the most important consideration, according to a survey report released by ManpowerGroup Solutions. 
The “knowledge economy," a shift from industrial to intellectual employee output, has transformed HR, according to an article at TLNT from Mark Sawyer, co-founder and CEO of Bonfyre, a private social communication platform. He writes that the best aspects of the knowledge economy, including "specialization, trust, strong culture, and contribution," represent ways to “engage” employees.
Interviews with experts and a recent study on the work habits of people born in the mid-90s and later—who are known as Generation Z, the Centennials or iGen—have revealed sharp differences between the workforce’s youngest members and their Millennial siblings.
Just when you thought it was safe to relax... How 24/7 work expectations are eating away at employees. In our complex modern world, finding the right equilibrium between work and personal time is not as easy as it sounds—for company leaders or their employees.
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