Demystify assessment jargon and clarify assessment facts from fiction
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Clarify assessment facts from fiction

Often times, assessments and assessment-related concepts are hard to grasp because people feel they need to learn the assessment language and methods rapidly. How can one put this rich information to good use quickly and in the best possible way? By ditching the confusing jargon and focusing in on the meat. Watch this recorded webinar and learn key things to keep in mind when implementing an assessment process and why business leaders and HR professionals need assessments.

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Just last month The Predictive Index moved its corporate headquarters to 101 Station Drive in Westwood, MA. Our new modern office occupies more than 21,000 square feet of space, nearly doubling in size from our previous location in Wellesley. We added more than 30 new employees in 2015, and expect to hire a dozen more in the coming months so it was important that our new office was flexible and could grow with us, but more importantly, we want to make sure it's an awesome place to work. 
Organizations that typically experience the greatest adoption and success rates with assessments are ones that approach them as initiatives with well-thought-out processes – from identifying areas of use through to education and everything in between – with designated process owners who are ultimately responsible for driving benefits throughout the organization.
Learn 5 ways you’re killing your employees’ motivation from Paula Gulla, PI’s Marketing Specialist. As H.S. M. Burns says, “take care of those who work for you and you’ll float to greatness in their achievements." Next time you’re meeting with your employees ask yourself, are you killing their motivation or motivating them to be better?
As good judges of character, the best business leaders shouldn’t have any issue finding and selecting the best talent, right? Data suggests otherwise. Learn more in "4 hiring mistakes even highly competent CEOs make" by Drew Fortin, PI's Vice President of Marketing.
Behavioral and cognitive assessments enable us to make better hiring decisions for the roles we’re looking to fill and increase the probability that the hire will perform successfully. But don’t stop there! Assessments are the gifts that keep on giving.
Katelyn Smith, Marketing Automation Specialist at PI, shares tips on how to work remote in winter weather so you can be productive while staying warm at home. The flexibility to work remote can make a huge difference for an organization’s productivity and morale during extreme weather.
In low trust organizations people withhold information, manipulate or distort facts, badmouth one another, gossip and have low engagement. Compare this to the culture in high trust organizations and you see a world of difference. And it shows in the bottom line!
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The new office space features polished concrete floors that take the place of carpet allowing employees to get around the office on scooters and skateboards. Ping pong and shuffleboard make for nice mini-breaks in the work day. Fun lighting, bean bags and rocking buoy chairs are scattered throughout to encourage unconventional thinking. The energized space achieves both workday enjoyment and high productivity. Whiteboard surfaces cover most walls and tables ultimately allowing work to get done everywhere.
“Employee engagement is a top priority for executives” featuring commentary from Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, appeared in the, an online daily newspaper based in Rochester, Minnesota.

PI Certified Partner David Lahey, Founder and President of Predictive Success, hosted a session on the importance of understanding key motivators and drives of employees at CEO Vision PDG.
The Predictive Index today announced that Gentle Giant Moving Company is using the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ to assist in their goal to expand nationally and identify future leaders.
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The vanguard of Generation Z are on the cusp of entering the workforce. Understanding this group’s attitudes toward work and life is a must for companies preparing to recruit the next generation. 
There is little doubt within the HR world that stress can affect employee health and productivity, and negatively impact a company on many levels. Unfortunately, HR leaders and employees have very divergent opinions about what is driving stress levels, according to Employee Benefits News.
A well-written job posting is critical to finding the perfect candidate for an open position. The key is giving candidates the information they need to make the decision to apply.
America's 53 million Millennials present a new challenge for HR leaders trying to create an effective learning culture, according an article in
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